Dronisos (BeTomorrow Drones) at the Melty Awards 2017

Dronisos (BeTomorrow Drones) made the show at the last Melty awards ceremony that took place in Paris on February 6th, making Ilyes Djadel dance with drones !
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Flying Bebop performed “a great piece of entertainment” for BGT semi-final

Flipping and dancing to Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full of Stars’, the Flying Bebop performed a great show yesterday evening for BGT semi-final, while a lot of technical work was going on behind the scene.
Indeed, BeTomorrow’s experience in drones’ autonomous flight made it once more possible and allowed the audience to enjoy a perfectly co-ordinated space themed routine with both our dancing astronaut, Gavin, and the Parrot drones moving in sequence with each other and in total security.

Even though Flying Bebop has not been selected for the final, the show gathered many encouraging comments from the four judges :

  • Amanda Holden: “I feel like we’ve got a glimpse into the future. It felt really magical and enchanting. It was a great piece of entertainment”.
  • David Walliams: “Well, it was magnificent You’re such a star and these little friends you have are wonderful.”.
  • Alesha Dixon: “Really, really clever. I think it is so exciting with the technology advancing”.
    Simon Cowell: “It was so much better than the first time in the auditions.”

flying-bebop-BGT-1 flying-bebop-BGT-3 flying-bebop-BGT-4


With four big yeses, Flying Bebop is ready for the semi-finals

Flying Bebop, Parrot/BeTomorrow autonomous drone show team featuring dancers Gavin and Nadia, appeared on Britain’s Got Talent last Saturday (14 May) receiving 4 ‘Yes’ from the judges and a standing ovation from Amanda.

The audition which has watched by over 8m people can we watched below (already over 750,000 views).

Visit our www.FlyingBebop.com for more info – and watch out for our Semi-Final show this week!

Flying Bebop, on Britain’s Got Talent TV show

14th May 2016: This Saturday evening you will have the chance to see our latest autonomous drone show on Britain’s Got Talent, the UK’s largest entertainment show (ITV at 2000 GMT+1). This show was created in collaboration with Parrot and features the light and agile Parrot Bebop 2.

Don’t miss it …

More photos and videos coming soon on www.flyingbebop.com