“Drones for Life” demonstrated to VIPs at ITS World Congress

On the occasion of the ITS intelligent transport exhibition, which is being held in Bordeaux from 5 to 9 October 2015, the Drones For Life (DFL) consortium will perform the first public flight of the STORK-X8 drone. This drone will be the vector that will allow testing of the transport of biological samples (blood in particular) and medicines between the different hospital centres in Bordeaux as from 2016.

The “STORK-X8” has reinvented the standards for transport drones of the future in urban areas.


Bordeaux, 5 October 2015 –

On the occasion of the ITS exhibition, the “DFL” consortium is proud to be able to publicly demonstrate a first version of the STORK-X8 drone, designed specifically for the needs of autonomous transport in the medical field.

The project DFL will save lives by facilitating the delivery by air, between hospital centres, of biological samples at ambient temperature and medicines. It should also be able to ensure the delivery of first-aid kits to accident sites.

The choices made for this rotary-wing drone rely on the skills of Sysveo, designer of the STORK-X8 drone, and BeTomorrow, in charge of the computer systems. The architecture chosen for the drone responds to the needs of air transport safety in urban areas thanks to the redundancy of the power, power supply and control functions. The STORK-X8 drone will in addition be equipped with a transponder to integrate with air navigation systems, as well as a LIDAR Laser system in order to be able to interpret unexpected events that may arise during autonomous flight

« In the course of the next decade, the STORK-X8 should become the industry standard for unmanned transport drones: by merging robotic and aeronautical features, it will be able to respond to the new logistical requirements of delivery in urban areas, such as reduction of the carbon footprint and speed of delivery, » explained Clement Alaguillaume, CEO of Sysveo.

« Our goal is to provide all the computer modules that allow full automation of flights, while ensuring maximum safety. Like the hardware, all the critical software components will feature redundancy, as will the means of radio transmission used, » added Jean-Dominique Lauwereins, co-founder of BeTomorrow.

The development phase of this drone should be complete after a year of experimentation (2016) with the goal of marketing the entire system by 2017.

Drones for Life will be present at ITS: hall 1, stand A62.

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The consortium is made up as follows:

– Bordeaux University Hospital Centre (CHU), the project client
– BeTomorrow, publisher of application software and the coordinator of the project.
– Sysveo, drone application integrator, French leader in open-source drone
– DSAC-SO Aquitaine brings expertise in air traffic regulations
– AETOS, the Aquitaine cluster for drone systems, brings its expertise in the field of drones

Drones for Life

The drone that saves lives by facilitating the urgent transport of health products (biological samples, medicines . . .)
between hospitals.

The DFL Drones for Life consortium has been created in the Aquitaine region to work on the design of a solution for autonomous drones in the urban environment. The first hospital groups concerned in the transport of health products will be those of the Bordeaux University Hospital Centre (Pellegrin, Haut-Lévêque and Saint-André).

Read more about the subject by consulting our press release here.

Drones for life


BeTomorrow puts on a show with Parrot drones at the CinéDrones festival

The team of remote-control pilots and BeTomorrow hosts were present for the first edition of CinéDrones which took place on 10 July at Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, with Christophe Lambert presiding.

For this first festival of aerial cinematography using drones, the team hosted a demo stand with Parrot drones to allow everyone to try out piloting a drone.

Some videos:

TV news from M6 (Sunday 12/07) – CinéDrones clip at 17’55”.

TV news from France 2 (Saturday 11/07) – CinéDrones clip at 34’45”.

TV news from TV7 Bordeaux (Friday 10/07) – CinéDrones clip at 1’49”.




BeTomorrow and Parrot at the Cité Numérique







Evening at the Cité Numérique on 16 April, French Tech Totem Party #1

BeTomorrow and Parrot are joining forces for the Totem Party event at the Cité Numérique organised by French Tech Bordeaux. On this occasion, join us to participate in the drone race to try to pick up the cup for getting the best time, and obtain your “diploma” for the first flight with the Parrot Bebop drone.

Meet up on Thursday 16 April at the Cité Numérique from 7.00pm for the drone race.

Click here to see the programme.