The LiveSailing Team covers the live 3D broadcast of the Extreme Sailing Series 2016

For the fifth consecutive year, BeTomorrow will ensure the live 3D broadcast of the Extreme Sailing Series. The LiveSailing Team is currently in Qingdao, in China, to cover the second venue of the race, witch will take place from 29 april to 2 may 2016. The LiveSailing Team will be present during every venue: after […]

When virtual meets real with the LiveSkipper game on the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe

Since 2 November, the virtual skippers signed up to LiveSkipper, the official game of the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe, have been competing tirelessly with the real skippers taking part in the race.

Real and virtual, a close-run race!

Congratulations to Caktus, the virtual winner of the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe in the Ultime category, who finished the race a little more than 3 hours ahead of the great real performance of Loïc Peyron.

Caktus commented: “Bravo to Loïc Peyron for his great win (but also for having arrived first at buoy 2 in all the virtuals . . . it is normal that we go faster with our GPS at 0.5° spatial resolution, and no coastal effects for us).”  

At 3.00pm, 88 virtual skippers in the Ultime category had already reached Pointe-à-Pitre, out of the more than 50 000 virtual skippers signed up for the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe.

For the IMOCAs, the race is still in progress! The first virtual arrivals are expected at the end of the week, around Thursday.

“I salute the incredible record of Loïc Peyron and congratulate our player Caktus. The arrival of the real and virtual skippers within a hair’s breadth demonstrates the accuracy of the simulation model and the realism of LiveSkipper,” said Sylvie Clin, Director of BeTomorrow. 

When virtual becomes real

Since the start of the race, LiveSkipper has brought together a good number of diverse and varied initiatives to do with sailing, through the LiveSkipper forums but also in “real life”:

– creation of a grant for teams to find real skippers and crew,
– schoolchildren took part in the race as a learning tool to understand sailing,
– a LiveSkipper put on a video performance about the game, full of humour,
– thirty partners and supporters of Pierrick TOLLEMER, who took part in the real race, decided to take part by signing up to LiveSkipper,
– real encounters between players with a shared passion.

A torrent of air tickets for real transatlantic holidays!

Each day since the start of the race and until 16 November, Air Caraïbes organised LiveSkipper/the winning moment: air tickets offered to players who signed up to LiveSkipper. There are already several happy LiveSkipper winners who will have the chance to fly from Paris to Pointe-à-Pitre.

“I am delighted, it is incredible and I didn’t believe it! When I got the mail asking for my details I found it difficult to believe, but now that you have called me I have really taken it in! (. . .) I came to LiveSkipper on the occasion of the Route du Rhum, but this is not my first virtual crossing. I find that LiveSkipper is user friendly and easy to get used to, and it is really enjoyable,” wrote the first winner, Gaël Hazo

2 BeTomorrow applications ranked number 1 on the French AppStore

BeTomorrow has proved itself by taking first place in the AppStore rankings with the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe and its two dedicated applications: LiveSkipper and liveSailing.

Live Skipper > 1st paid-for application in all categories

Thanks to the LiveSkipper game, in partnership with Air Caraïbes, live the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe and see how you measure up to the real skippers in this legendary race.
It is not too late to start the race and try to win one air ticket per day with Air Caraïbes!
Sign up quickly at (available on Internet, iPhone and iPad)

LiveSailing> 1st free application in all categories

With more than 120 000 downloads already, the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe application allows you to follow all the race news and the progress of the skippers in real time.

for more information



EasySkipper, a sailing evening for Bordeaux Airport

Yesterday BeTomorrow took part in the organisation of a sailing themed evening for Bordeaux Airport at Darwin.

On this occasion, BeTomorrow hosted the evening and allowed guests to compete in 5 challenges: winch competition, knot competition, rigging a mast, sailing quiz and EasySkipper.



Stand BeTomorrow – EasySkipper

Philippe Barre, dirigeant d'Evolution qui assure la maîtrise d'ouvrage de Darwin

Philippe Barre, dirigeant d’Evolution qui assure la maîtrise d’ouvrage de Darwin

Clément Salzes, marin professionnel bordelais qui a navigué la solitaire du Figaro 2014 et renouvellera l'expérience en 2015.

Clément Salzes, marin professionnel bordelais qui a navigué la solitaire du Figaro 2014 et renouvellera l’expérience en 2015.

Pascal Personne, Président de l'aéroport de Bordeaux

Pascal Personne, Président de l’aéroport de Bordeaux


BeTomorrow gives you a close-up on the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe

Specialist in following sailing races, BeTomorrow is deploying all its technological know-how to cover the 10th edition of the most mythical of solo sailing races.

3 connected applications for which BeTomorrow has provided the idea, the design and the development will allow daily monitoring of the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe:

• A mobile application to follow all the latest news from the race
• A web and mobile game to confront the skippers involved in the competition
• Daily broadcast of TV images in 3D.


With LiveSailing Mobile, find :

– Live video images from start to finish
– Follow the boats thanks to 3D mapping
– News, rankings
– All practical info on the skippers, the boats, the village of departure etc.
– Sharing of the info on social networks
– All the photos, sessions and videos
– Alerts for each important event.

Available from 24 October 2014 on iPhone, iPad and Android


The LiveSkipper game: The Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe, in partnership with Air Caraïbes

Register from 2 October on the official race site and take part yourself from 2 November to see how you match up to the real skippers!
– Multiplayer sailing game, pioneer in the association of real and virtual events
– Navigation tools
– Extremely precise data based on the ocean weather conditions
– 7-day forecasts to develop the best strategies
– Choice of racing trimaran or Imoca
– Realistic behaviour of the boats
– Air Caraïbes flights to be won.

Available on iPhone, iPad and on


LiveSailing TV: 3D images and animations of the race for the daily TV summary

Thanks to the real GPS and weather data, BeTomorrow provides daily 3D videos illustrating the sailing options chosen by the competitors.

Live from the first day of the race.

Play LiveSkipper – New Caledonia Groupama Race

The LiveSkipper team is pleased to invite you to the New Caledonia Groupama Race, sponsored by the OPT (Office of posts and telecommunications of New Caledonia), which will take place from 19/10/2014. Once again, you can measure yourself against the official skippers and try to beat them in the virtual race.

The race will reward the 10 best skippers in the virtual race with a superb prize including top-of-the-range touch pads, a Franck Cammas accessory, an atlas of New Caledonia and the official regatta outfits!

You can register as from 19/09/2014.
Good luck to all and may the best skipper win!

BeTomorrow official partner of the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe

BeTomorrow is pleased to announce its partnership with Pen Duick who this year is organising the 10th edition of the most mythical of solo sailing races: The Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe..

For the occasion, BeTomorrow allows you to live the race as if you were there and wherever you want!

Don’t miss out on the event with the LiveSailing application which will provide you with all the information on the race (news, live video images of the departure and arrival, the monitoring and the classification of the boats, all practical info on the skippers, the boats, the village of departure etc.)

You can also take off with LiveSkipper, the game, to compete at the sides of the real skippers involved in the race and other registered players.

And from the first day of the race, follow the queen of trans-Atlantic solo races live and in 3D thanks to LiveSailing TV.

Check back on our site for further news in the days to come.

BeTomorrow opens new avenues to the horse racing world with the PMU

For a year now, BeTomorrow has been performing a series of tests of its system for following horse racing, for both harness racing and gallop, for the PMU.

Discover the Point of view of Guillaume Dolbeau, manager of Digital Development and Innovation at the PMU, which appeared in Paris-Turf on 28 August 2014.

A world first
The tests have continued and a new series took place on Friday 22 August during the meeting at La Teste. The global positioning system for horses is giving satisfaction and, after a year, we are in the final phase. It is up to the race companies to choose what use they make of the tool put at their disposal. It is a project that we at the PMU have been carrying out for two years with the race companies, harness racing and gallop, and Equidia. The goal is to enrich the bettor’s experience by providing more information and making races more eventful. In particular it will be possible to provide the position of each horse in real time. Other data will be available such as the speed of each horse, the time between them and their acceleration . . . The goal is also to allow a better understanding of races, especially for newcomers. Someone who watches a race and knows nothing about it may find it difficult to know what is going on. This tool will make it easier to “read” the race.
The name Trakkus is known in the racing world, but here we are in another technology, purely GPS. An antenna is installed and a box allocated to each horse. For the gallop it is on the saddle cloth and for harness racing, they are specially designed number plates. The infrastructure is very light, allowing easy fitting out, and at a lesser cost to the racecourses, while at the same time making it easy to translate to any course. For this technology, it is quite simply a world first. And it is a 100% French company that is in charge of the project. An important argument nowadays. BeTomorrow is a company based in Bordeaux which already covers all the great regattas and the Olympic Games. It is specialised in cutting-edge technologies, in data capture and multimedia representations. It is even possible to imagine a real-time 3D reproduction of the race from the point of view of any of the jockeys or drivers. One possibility among many others.

Guillaume Dolbeau
Manager of Digital Development and Innovation at the PMU