CES 2016 Drone Dance (Parrot)


Parrot SA is a French technology company focused on the identification of business potential from disruptive technologies.

With the launch of the A.R. Drone in 2010, Parrot pioneered the consumer drone and is increasingly positioning itself to become one of the leading companies in this market which is forecast to grow at 30%+ per annum to $6.0 billion by 2020 (Innova Research).


Parrot asked BeTomorrow to work with them to create a spectacular demonstration of the capabilities of the Bebop 2, Spider and Sumo drones for the consumer electronics show CES in Las Vegas in January 2016.

The demonstration was to be a extension of previous ‘drone dances’ that Parrot had done with a third-party.


BeTomorrow used an new optical tracking methodology which made it possible to use more drones and a more spectacular choreography than ever before. Finally, two world-leading autonomous drone shows were created: the first using 10 x Bebop 2 drones; and the second using 24 Spider and Sumo drones dancing together at one time.

Testament to the reliability of BeTomorrow’s autonomous control software, a total over 100 shows were executed over the 3 days of CES with zero failures.

The shows proved to be one of the biggest attractions of CES and received significant media coverage.

As a result of this, BeTomorrow and Parrot have been approached to take part in several new projects which will further push the boundaries of what is possible. Watch this space!