Our expertise

We believe that the way we collaborate with our clients is key to creating great products. Transparency, excellence and agility are our first values. Passionate about user experiences and innovation, we constantly improve our skills, by all means, from coding dojos to Proof of Concept on new technologies. Our approach and skills cannot be shown in just a few web pages. Contact us to talk to our experts.

Our mobile apps

Our mobile adventure began in 2002, with Orange and Alcatel, with the creation of the first connected 3G applications. Award for the best Sports App at the Mobile World Congress in 2007, and we ranked Top 1 in the Appstore within the first few months of launching our RocketBird game.

Expertise applications mobiles
Expertise solutions web

Our web solutions

The line between mobile and web has never been so slight. Thanks to new cross-platform technologies, it is now possible to develop joint web and mobile projects, that meet the needs of both mobile (natural feel) and web (standard design and user-friendliness) users, while remaining less demanding and more cost-effective.

Cloud & analytics

A web or mobile application cannot exist without the server infrastructure and its associated services. With 16 years of experience in development of scalable architectures and cloud, we have built a solid reputation in the field of data servers, video streaming, mass storage and analytics.

Expertise cloud analytics
Expertise atelier UX/UI

UX/UI Workshops

The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design is above all the result of teamwork, in which each of our specialists brings their own expertise and experience. Mockups, prototypes, creative workshops and other usability tests allow our customers to participate in the creation process for each project.

Artificial Intelligence

We have brought together our artificial intelligence activities (neural networks, conversational robots and computer-assisted vision) in the AI Lab. There, we share our efforts between research and technology to provide our customers with new solutions to complex problems: landing an autonomous UAV plane, locate and recognize competitors in real time on a sailing race, or even control an application entirely in natural language.

Lab ia
Expertise lab XR

The XR lab

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Hololens, ARKit, cardboards VR and WebVR. We create custom immersive experiences for our clients, in virtual reality or augmented reality, in WebGL and Unity 3D ™. Try our sailboat simulator on Steam..

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