Dorie, the Regional Council

Design and development of a local ecotourism mobile application integrating guided walks, interactive content, quizzes and landscape discoveries in augmented reality.

Key indicators

In 3 months, development of the local ecotourism mobile application.

Conception of a web application allowing actors to bring tourist content to life.

Official launch on the anniversary date of the discovery of the Lascaux Caves in support of a unique and immersive historical walking route.


BeTomorrow is chosen by the Dordogne Departmental Council to support it in the development of an application enhancing its local tourist heritage and eco-tourism. A mobile application intended for people wishing to discover the territory in an interactive and guided way. The project also enables local tourism players to bring the content.


The Dordogne Departmental Council chooses BeTomorrow to support it in the design and development of a local eco-tourism mobile application offering interactive content, audios, images, quizzes, and even the discovery of landscapes in augmented reality. A real working tool for local authorities and tourism services, which manage content via a web application. To carry out this project, BeTomorrow is mandated to provide global support, from the design phase, design thinking, and development. User tests carried out throughout the project made it possible to be as close as possible to user needs and to lead to a first version quickly adopted on the market.


- In 3 months, development of the mobile application for eco-tourism in Dordogne to responsibly promote the natural heritage of the department.

- Official launch on the anniversary date of the discovery of the Lascaux Caves. The mobile application served as a medium for an unprecedented historical stroll.

Dorie, the application which makes discover the local heritage differently.


I have rarely worked so closely with a provider in such a context. We appreciated your initiatives, let there be a challenge. You are also really invested in the convictions for the product, which has helped to develop this mutual trust between us.
You have the expertise and the experience to turn this idea we had into a real product that works. Whether it is on the collaboration or for the work you have done, I am more than satisfied.

Vincent Demaison
Vincent Demaison
Head of Economic Development at the Dordogne General Council.