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The project consisted of redesigning the existing application from a technical and design point of view to provide a better experience for end users with better control of the dosage and reduce technical maintenance costs. BeTomorrow intervened by applying its user-centered design methodology, technical studies before redeveloping a solution. Additional features have been added.

Dosatron mobile app


Since 1974, Dosatron has been developing, manufacturing and distributing a unique technology of proportional proportioners without electricity allowing to inject and mix in a continuous and proportional way a liquid or soluble concentrate in water. This has led to the development of lines of metering pumps responding to the problems of the animal health, irrigation, water treatment, industry and hygiene and agri-food sectors.


-Product strategy and CCV
-UX/UI design
-Technical study
-Technical realization of a cross-platform app with new features such as automated, multilingual pushes with Airship
- Technologies: React Native, Firebase
-Data: Development of a CDP (Customer Data Platform). Connexion to the group BI.
-Web app development
-Consulting on App Store Optimization.

Dosatron app view
Dosatron app view 2


- Store rating: 4/5 (android) and 4.4/5 (iOS)
- KPIs : 17 different languages supported for 141 countries.
- Cross-platform redesign, published 3 months after the start of development.
- More than 1000 pump settings made using the app during the first month of the app's release.