Dronisos is a Bordeaux-based startup, leader in drone shows that has worked closely with BeTomorrow since its creation. We offer tools that give foster creativity and imagination in choreographers.

Inspection missions also contribute to the success of this young startup. Indeed, BeTomorrow developed the inspection drone fleet management platform. With machine learning techniques used in BeTomorrow’s artificial intelligence laboratory, cracks and other damages are automatically detected in urban structures.

Key indicators

Synchronised autonomous drone flights: up to 100 drones.

New business opportunities thanks to innovations (machine learning, AI)


Dronisos is a Bordeaux-based startup, leader in drone shows and working closely with BeTomorrow since its creation. BeTomorrow has been designing autonomic UAV solutions since 2006. Initially with Thales, then with Parrot and Vinci, BeTomorrow started working and sharing its expertise with Dronisos.


Dronisos constantly challenges itself by setting more impressive goals in order to inspire its audience. An indoor drone show for the BBC, an opening ceremony with a swarm of 100 drones in front of 90,000 spectators in Kuala Lumpur, or an automatic sewer inspection are all amazing achievements that require a great deal of technological, operational and dynamic creativity. Our goal: to offer the best tools to allow Dronisos to give free rein to the imagination of its choreographers.


BeTomorrow has contributed its know-how to develop drone positioning, displacement and synchronization, as well as tailor-made tools, especially for the creation of 3D choreographies. Autonomous synchronized UAV flights are very complex, especially with 100 drones flying side by side, in the middle of a stadium with a huge crowd. Fortunately, the technical mastery of BeTomorrow brings serenity and reliability to Dronisos, who can thus focus on even more incredible adventures. In the space of only two years, Dronisos has organized more than 500 shows for prestigious clients such as Britain’s Got Talent, Gruss Circus or Futuroscope.

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