Explicite is a generic information medium, free of political opinions, buzz, controversy or advertising. It is family focused, convenient and adapted to new ways of life. Through its mobile apps and website, Explicite invites you to dive into the latest news while improving your general culture at the same time.

Key indicators

Product launch in 6 months

Complete control of the full stack technical solution


Explicite is an independent digital media created by former journalists from Itélé. The Explicite Journalists Associates was created in 2017 to support the French and American Presidential elections on social networks, with the help of a crowdfunding of 2700 people convinced by the relevance of an independent digital media.

In September 2017, they decided to launch a complete multi-media product, funded by subscriptions instead of advertising. Explicite SAS was finally created to engage media in the long term and to continue to offer “Information that helps you understand information”.


Explicite contacted BeTomorrow in 2017 in order to design and develop a website and IOS / Android apps. Our mission: create an original medium that sets itself apart from current media with the help of various partners in communication and motion design. BeTomorrow is in charge of the development, user experience and final product design.

Aside from the apps and website, we are also responsible for a tailor-made tool for publishing articles and other content, namely publications and related information.

Explicite chose us, since no publisher in the market could match their expectations.


Explicite products feature both images and videos in order to meet all the needs of modern consumers, and their design helps users avoid the trend of “speedy navigation”, so the user can take more time to read and better understand information.


“With BeTomorrow, we chose partnership over the traditional client relationship. We didn’t want to use developers internally. That being said, BeTomorrow worked hand in hand with Explicite and was able to better understand our needs and requirements. They helped us create information with rules and constraints.They helped us to develop a new way of communicating, with broader knowledge and above all, we were able to rise above our main challenge. Explicite didn’t need a website or an app to promote its product. Instead, both website and apps ARE our products. With this in mind, we couldn’t afford any mistakes during the launch.

The stakes were huge for us and BeTomorrow. We fully trusted them and we don’t regret it.”


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