Libon, Orange

Libon is an exceptional VOIP application, developed in collaboration with Orange. (a direct competitor of Skype and Whatsapp).


Orange Vallée is a subsidiary of the Orange group dedicated to innovation. Its main focus is the development and marketing of new telecommunication offers in France and internationally. In recent years, international telecom operators such as Orange have experienced a decline in revenues from services such as VOIP and instant messaging. For this reason, in 2012, Orange decided to develop its own communication applications.


Orange Vallée is a subsidiary of the Orange group that works like a Lean Startup in order to finish projects faster Because of our respect of key principles, our focus on developers‘ experience and our ability to create high quality modular products, Orange chose BeTomorrow to build a relationship that has lasted for 7 years.


• Today, Libon is a direct competitor of Skype and WhatsApp.
• Libon is the 4th most downloaded application of Orange’s 180 apps.
• Thanks to millions of users, Libon is a marketing asset used by Orange to win new B2B customers.
• BeTomorrow and Orange’s relationship initially started in 2002, and continues to this day.

“BeTomorrow is the ideal partner for our agile projects – not only because they have the technical skills and expertise that we seek, but also because of our excellent relationship. Together, we created a truly revolutionary application: the Libon iPhone app.”


Giles Corbett,
Libon Manager, Orange Vallée

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