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SNCF, through its innovative subsidiary Altametris, calls on BeTomorrow to carry out their project to control structures by drone. A web and mobile platform have been designed and implemented to complete the legal procedures before the flight, ensure the safety of operators in the field and facilitate the drafting of intervention reports.

Key indicators

In 6 weeks, a first version to manage requests for flight authorizations.

A mobile application with an ambitious design for an exceptional user experience even in a B2B context.

Integration of native SDKs and creation of React Native custom bridges.


SNCF is the French rail transport operator. Altametris is the innovative unit of the SNCF network created in 2017 and is in charge of finding innovative solutions to the maintenance issues of the French rail network. Particularly involved in the digitalization of processes and the use of drones to collect information on the state of the network.


BeTomorrow supported Altametris in the conception, design and development of the web and mobile solution. During this project we have:
- Studied competing solutions on the market and the legislation in force for drone flight to have an intuitive interface that generates to valid authorization documents.
- Taken into account the field constraints of drone operators (lack of network, site security, connection with DJI drones) to create a mobile application that allows operators to focus on their mission.
- Ease the drafting of intervention reports by allowing operators to upload their photos from the field on the mobile application to the web and generate a report template in a few clicks.


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