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SES, the world leader in satellite broadcasting (media, telecoms, governments, etc.), operates a fleet of more than 50 satellites thanks to BeTomorrow’s interactive 3D cross-platform globe.

Key indicators

99% of the world population reached.

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SES S.A. is the world leader in satellite operators. It provides secure and reliable satellite broadcast communications and telecoms for businesses and governments around the world.

SES owns and operates a fleet of more than 50 geostationary satellites that are complemented by a network of teleports and offices around the world.

This large-scale infrastructure enables SES customers to reach 99% of the world’s population and places SES at the heart of the global communications network.


Develop a mobile app for SES to increase sales to corporate customers.

The new application supports sales discussions with potential customers bringing customers and employees together in sales discussions. The application is being used at trade shows and professional fairs around the world.


We designed and developed a new application that includes the following features:

• An interactive 3D globe displaying the SES Satellites fleet, teleports and land connections
• The ability to select one or more satellites to compare coverage
• The ability to determine satellite coverage for selected locations
• In-depth information on each satellite (television channels available)
• Information about SES and its office contacts around the world

The application, developed in a single code base (cross platform), works on the following platforms:

• Mobile and tablet native versions for iOS and Android
• Large format PC based touch screen version developed to support sales at trade shows
• WebGL version that works on all modern PC / Mac browsers without the need for a plugin