TooShare is setting up a learning network on the African continent where anyone can learn by attending courses built by the community.

Key indicators

The integrated CMS (Content Management System) allowing you to create course modules to animate virtual classes.


The Amani Group designs and develops major infrastructure projects. With TooShare, the main goal is creating an open and free educational ecosystem, to meet the new challenges of training for all in Africa. Thus, it contributes to accelerating the transformation of the economies of the African continent.


The Amani group uses BeTomorrow for an initial mission of branding and design system, then for the development of the application. Our job covers strategic support, product design, and mobile application development. TooShare is for students, teachers, and content creators.
It aims to host the best schools, and the most eminent professors recognized in the global education system.


The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) allows fundraising. Creating a community, retention and UX are key success factors.

The frequency of delivery, methodological, and agile support made it possible to envisage the next step with confidence.
BeTomorrow also provided front-end and back-end technical support to the team for the internalization of skills.

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