Secured Operators, Improved data quality.

In order to better manage the water network, protect operators in the field and offer communities innovative and efficient solutions, the Suez research center, LyRE, has entrusted us with the mission of creating new digital solutions. Suez's priority objective was therefore to secure interventions, but also to improve the inspection of the water network.

Suez Connected operators


The LyRE is the research center of the Suez group, based in Bordeaux and focused on the sanitation professions. Its objective is to innovate in water management to help metropolises control water resources and preserve the environment.


The Suez group only has a limited view of the entire underground water network. Some pipes can be visited, others too small. The largest require the intervention of agents for their maintenance.
Agents are exposed to gases which can be toxic, bacteria. They do not have a GPS network to be followed underground, they often move gropingly. They thus move through the pipes, take readings, take photos and then rise to the surface to generate the diagnoses.

__Goals :
1. Secure the work processes of water network inspection agents
2. Improve the efficiency of diagnostic processes
3. Have solutions that are easy to use

-Field study with operators to define their needs and constraints
-Creation of a suitable physical device: front camera, harness, tablet
-Underground 4G network relay study to guarantee connectivity
-Development of dedicated software and data management for feedback.

Workshop with Suez Team


__Results :
- Employees reassured and taken into consideration
- Standardization, automation of data processing
- Reliable diagnostics and data

- Creation of photos to quantify and qualify defects.
- Reports generated in 10 minutes, compared to several hours previously.
- A project that can be transposed to other professions and sectors

Alexandre Ventura Quote

"The whole team has been very attentive to user needs, uses and acceptance of service by teams. The objective of having a demonstrative proof of concept and winning user membership is reached. Our operators' work facilitation project has efficiently advanced thanks to the serene working relationship "

Alexandre Ventura
Alexandre Ventura
Innovation project manager at SUEZ