Sunday, photo sharing on TV

Startup Sunday choose BeTomorrow to help design Sunday Box in record time. Because our parents and grandparents do not always have access to new technologies (smartphones, social networks, etc.), Sunday Box gives them back their place within their family group, by recreating links with their loved ones. Simple and designed with all generations in mind, the Sunday Box allows you to share in real-time videos and photos on TV.

Key indicators

Product marketed in 6 months in store.

Full control of the fullstack technical solution (IoT, Cloud, web et mobile).


The Sunday adventure (formerly Hopen Family) started with a personal story of a bedridden grandmother in a retirement home. After meeting health professionals who joined the project and started its implementation, the founders eventually called on BeTomorrow, for its reliability and speed, to bring the projects to life. Used by health facilities to strengthen family ties, Sunday Box is also distributed more widely to the general public. The Bordeaux startup has already won numerous awards, including the national Tech for Good prize, organised by La Tribune Paris.


The founders of Sunday called upon BeTomorrow for the Sunday Box. Our mission: create an innovative and solid product in less than 4 months, as part of our Tech Accelerator programme, to be released on the French and international market for Thanksgiving and Christmas – a key issue for the marketing of the product. Alongside Sunday in this challenge, BeTomorrow is in charge of development, user experience and more broadly, advising on the strategy adopted.

Sunday project picture - BeTomorrow
Sunday project picture - BeTomorrow


In 15 days, implementation of the prototype of the mobile application supporting sales and distributors.

In 2 months, MVP BtoB and BtoC product allowing the launch of box production.

In 4 months, design of a complete turnkey solution on sale: mobile/web/server

4.2/5 on Stores since launch

Award-Winning Solution to #10,000startups that will change the world, New Ideas Trophy winner, Tech For Good national award

Sunday project picture - BeTomorrow