Strengthen the mobile offer via a secure and secure banking application.

Strengthen the mobile offer via a secure application, allowing end customers to manage their finances, in a wide variety of contexts. Skaleet called on BeTomorrow to create a mobile application with customizable design, adapting to customer needs and market specificities.

Key indicators

In 4 months, the development of the mobile banking application is present on the market and already adopted by historical customers.

1 single code, several variations of applications.

Skaleet has just raised 25 million euros in funds to deploy its core banking system.

Screenshot app Sklaleet (ex-TagPay)


A key player French FinTech, Skaleet is a Digital Banking System aimed at banks or financial companies, to enable them to evolve continuously. Skaleet is a next-generation Core Banking System, which makes it easy to launch scalable, secure and user-centric financial services. Skaleet calls on BeTomorrow as part of strengthening its mobile offering to its BtoB customers, whether they are located in emerging or Western countries.


BeTomorrow supported Skaleet to completely redevelop his application, for emerging countries, but also to seduce Western countries. This involved an iOS and Android design to suit a wide variety of devices and performance levels. So, the team has produced a state-of-the-art design, a “Frugal design ” that should allow it to be user-friendly, inexpensive and both very successful. Skaleet also relied on product strategy and product analytics advice from BeTomorrow to optimize the market fit. Finally, the application thus developed fits into a context of strong authentication DSP2 (Directive on Payment Services).

Skaleet has just raised 25 million euros in funds to deploy its core banking system.


👉 Context of a payment application in emerging countries
👉 Functional breakdown and follow-up of the roadmap with respect for budgets and deadlines
👉 Designs at the level of best references on the market with diversity of devices.
👉 Regular user tests
👉 Application security in the DSP2 context

Screenshot Skaleet application


The result is very good: in just 4 months, we have a very nice application. I am proud of the app! The foundations are good and we have a good functioning of the app with the API, the bar is high. But we shouldn't stop there!

Hervé Manceron
Hervé Manceron
Co-founder and COO Skaleet (ex-TagPay)