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Co-created by Groupe Caisse des Dépôts and La Poste, Movivolt provides expert advice to support the energy transition of SMEs, retailers, craftsmen, local authorities and associations, through long-term leasing of 100% electric vehicles (mainly commercial vehicles).

BeTomorrow advised Movivolt on its digital-native approach to creating a fluid, personalized user experience and setting itself apart from other players in the market.

Following a comprehensive audit and discussions with the Movivolt team, BeTomorrow developed a customized digital go-to-market strategy, created a brand identity for the web and mobile platforms, implemented a data-driven approach, developed a responsive e-commerce site and designed a mobile application to support customers throughout their contract.

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BeTomorrow's teams designed and deployed a bespoke digital go-to-market strategy, integrating a data-driven approach that included defining key performance indicators, writing branding plans, advising on tools and creating dashboards. A comprehensive marketing strategy was put in place to attract qualified prospects over the medium and long term, including SEO, copywriting and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

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Product Marketing
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Head of Consulting

Ecological issues are at the heart of BeTomorrow's collective concerns. Our close collaboration with Movivolt's teams and the tests carried out with a wide range of users have enabled us to deliver a package of which we are proud, and which will undoubtedly encourage drivers to make gentler mobility choices.

Our Client

Movivolt offers a range of 100% electric vehicles on long-term leasing (LLD) for professionals. The company offers fleet management software for companies with more than 30 vehicles. Movivolt has a team of 20 people and delivers its vehicles anywhere in France, to the car dealership of the customer's choice, or to the customer's home or workplace.

Emmanuel BONNAUD - President of Movivolt


Movivolt's President

BeTomorrow assimilated very quickly the issues of the mobility world to propose relevant, pragmatic and actionable recommendations. Always a source of new ideas, BeTomorrow provides us with a mastery of digital issues that enables us to deliver a service that stands out from our competitors.

Movivolt website interface



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