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    With BeTomorrow, we chose partnership over the traditional client relationship. We didn’t want to use developers internally. That being said, BeTomorrow worked hand in hand with Explicite and was able to better understand our needs and requirements. They helped us create information with rules and constraints.They helped us to develop a new way of communicating, with broader knowledge and above all, we were able to rise above our main challenge. Explicite didn’t need a website or an app to promote its product. Instead, both website and apps ARE our products. With this in mind, we couldn’t afford any mistakes during the launch.
    The stakes were huge for us and BeTomorrow. We fully trusted them and we don’t regret it.
    Olivier RAVANELLO
    Deputy Director of Digital Information of the TF1 Group
    For a promising project such as “Leadership for Women”, BeTomorrow was a company full of creativity and at the pinnacle of innovation in the fields of sport and smart city applications. Created and managed by Sylvie Clin, this Bordeaux-based company beautifully epitomizes the success I wish to all French women.
    Najat Vallaud-Belkacem
    previous Ministry of Women’s rights, City, Youth and Sports
    Ministère des Droits des Femmes
    Very good and reliable company. Growing fast. Impressive book of work. Recommended
    Laslo Cesar
    Growth Manager
    Willing, référence du conseil en transformation et performance
    BeTomorrow is the ideal partner for our agile projects – not only because they have the technical skills and expertise that we seek, but also because of our excellent relationship. Together, we created a truly revolutionary application: the Libon iPhone app.
    Giles Corbett
    Libon Manager, Orange Vallée
    Well done and thank you to BeTomorrow team who joined the adventure with determination for this successful result.
    Guillaume Montegudet
    Head of the Education and Training Department
    The team's proposals are always relevant. The speed at which BeTomorrow understands and assimilates our issues is quite impressive. And this allows them to quickly offer us a suitable and effective solution.
    The team’s recommendations convinced us and allowed us to launch a project to redesign the application.
    Phil Kuzo
    Head of Information Systems
    Vehiposte, Groupe La Poste
    Our Proof Of Concept is a success, winning user engagement. The team made it possible to establish a serene working relationship, in complete confidence. We also advance effectively on our project to facilitate the work of operators. The entire team is very attentive to user needs, uses and team acceptance.
    Alexandre Ventura
    Innovation Project Manager
    BeTomorrow’s creativity, dynamism, skills and know-how are major assets that allowed us to create this innovative service. That and a strong partnership aimed at developing new projects based on new technologies.
    Guillaume Dolbeau
    E-PMU Manager
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