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Our expert's point of view

“Digital innovation opens up incredible prospects in the health sector but it is important to master the legal obligations.”

What are the benefits of digital technology for healthcare professionals? What are the risks and dangers of using digital health solutions? How can artificial intelligence technologies optimize patient care?

We guide our customers and deliver innovative, quality products that comply with regulations.

Paul Duchâteau

Paul Duchâteau

Principal Product Strategist

Our clients

Photo Benoit Masson - Biogen Digital Health Technology Officer


Director, Head of Engineering, Biogen HealthCare Solutions

We are looking for companies that have our DNA. BDH will not focus on the big market, but rather look at start-up type “markers”, short iterative cycles, lean mindset, agile methods. BeTomorrow has demonstrated its ability to enrich the value chain upstream (UX/UI) and downstream.

Cléo by biogen, a health application

Our projects

Cleo health app by Biogen

Public applications to assist in monitoring and improve the daily lives of patients affected by chronic neurodegenerative diseases (such as Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Muscular Atrophy). The innovation lab of Biogen relies on the technological expertise of BeTomorrow to develop the applications Cléo and


BeTomorrow supports Biogen in taking over this project to design and develop a personalized support application for health, nutrition and medical follow-up of patients.

After 4 years of history, BeTomorrow has chosen to adopt profitable strategies to aim for an ambitious roadmap, while setting up a qualitative base for the code, allowing it to build in a stable and robust context. This application is available in 15 countries and specific to each one.

BeTomorrow's contribution concerns the advice and development of existing mobile applications, the recovery and reversibility of the project. To achieve this objective, BeTomorrow relied on the establishment of a single team of experts, and on an agile and structuring framework for this transition.


- Technology advice on optimizing native applications in React Native

- Optimized REST API to achieve low bandwidth performance and low latency

- Integration with Apple and Google health services

- Automated global deployment

- Implemented React Native Bridge to provide rich notifications and custom media player

- Onboarding flow optimization

- Renewed the trust of the team with the design of a new project

Do you have an idea ?

The BeTomorrow expertise

In connected health technologies is ideal in this sector which must find the balance between creativity and quality products from the MVP.

Our quality and design methods have enabled us to deliver popular, bug-free products for our customers.

Whether from a “software as a medical device” or “digital therapeutics” perspective, we offer an agile working framework while respecting regulatory obligations.

  • UX Patient-Centered Journey

  • Product design

  • Technical application development

  • Hosting of health data in partner HDS-certified sovereign clouds

  • Go To Market of your medical innovations

Find out how our agency has been able to establish solid partnerships with major players in the health sector, demonstrating our credibility and expertise.

Our offers

Proof of Concept and MVP

Validate the feasibility of your innovation with the Betomorrow teams. In a few weeks we design and develop demonstrators or MVP of your project: AI, biomarkers, data analysis, mobile application, web

Industrialized development in a regulated context (DTx, HDS SaMD)

Industrialized development in regulated context (DTX, HDS SAMD) Design of features, software development in compliance with regulatory requirements and taking into account customer feedback. The BeTomorrow method inspired by B2C best practices allows you to reduce the risk exposure of your project with a progressive validation of your product.

Digitization of practitioner tools and patient journey

Our product management and IT development teams have worked with many practitioners on digital transformation issues of care structures. Working with BeTomorrow is the assurance of interlocutors who speak the same language and who will be able to advise you in the strategy and your your delivery.

Hosting services on sovereign cloud

At BeTomorrow, we focus on securing sensitive data for our clients in the fields of defense, healthcare, education, and industry. To achieve this, we offer the implementation of infrastructures hosted on sovereign cloud certified SECNUMCLOUD and HDS, such as S3NS.

Other projects

Cléo project illustrationCleo health app by Biogen
Thanks to the Toilet Finder application that we publish internally, we allow hundreds of thousands of people to gain autonomy (chronic gastrointestinal diseases, professionals using their vehicle continuously, etc.).
This application allows us to aggregate the reference geographical database of public toilets in the world.
This database is used for Apple's Maps app on over 500 million iOS, iPhone and iPad devices.
The application is used as a marketing tool by large pharmaceutical companies which have exclusivity in certain markets such as Takeda.ToiletFinder
Mobile app by Biogen developed by
Ikarya & Amelia for Telecom DesignIkarya & Amelia by Telecom Design
Noctia app AI research to analyse biomarkers for sleep apnea detection Noctia is a web platform dedicated to
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