Develop digital solutions at the service of sports and well-being practice

Develop digital solutions at the service of sports and well-being practice

Our expert's point of view

"Since 2002 we have been working with startups and health sports leaders to provide digital solutions that fight against sedentary lifestyle. "

We have explored many models: connection between sportsmen and coaches, connected objects to animate training and optimize performance , gamification to create sustainable sports habits. In an industry where expectations are high, we provide quality, neat ergonomics, a very above the market and gamification with our DNA Game Studio.

Etouma Bela

Etouma Bela

Product Owner

Our clients

Olivier Huc - portrait


I-Percut Co-founder, CEO and CTO

Starting from a complex idea and materializing it in a few months is what Betomorrow team helps us! Fast, technically solid, relevant in user and design experience choices; We found an expert for the development of our connected product. We have been working with their very professional multidisciplinary team.

Mobile screens I-Percut app

Our projects


Reinventing the boxing experience, supporting training with classes, and sending all data in real-time to a mobile application. An ambitious project that was awarded the Best Sports Innovation Prize at CES 2023.


BeTomorrow supported this innovative startup from the beginning to market launch. Our Start package helped refine the market, the offering, and build the essential structure of the product. Then, our teams continued the mission in cross-platform mobile product development


In just a few months, the I-Percut teams were able to refine their vision and achieve an MVP product. An application that communicates with a connected device: the I-PerSkin. Such an impressive accomplishment that it earned the grand prize at CES.

Do you have an idea ?

The BeTomorrow expertise

Betomorrow expertise in the world of sport and well-being allow you to very quickly explore innovations combining technologies and user experience.

Our agile quality and design methods allowed us to deliver products for our customers which are acclaimed, guaranteeing a bug-free experience

Rely on our experience in mobile and web development, as well as connected devices, to launch your innovations.

  • UX Centered User pathway

  • Product design

  • Brand identity

  • Technical development of web and mobile application.

  • Data hosting strategy and data engineering

  • Go to market of your sport and well-being innovations.

Our offers

MVP development for the general public sport / Well-being

Our teams help you in the design and realization of your vision. With a multidisciplinary approach - design, strategy, engineering, marketing - we are ensuring the success of your project.

Creation of a companion application for connected objects

You have an ambitious IoT project, we mobilize expert mobile teams to create the application that accompanies your object. More than just a remote control, this application must enhance your object, allow it to be configured and updated it without a hitch and be a detention vector.

Audit of your service to increase its growth potential

Isn't your concept to the height of your expectations? The objective: to boost the growth of your service using the techniques of the best We carry out an audit of your service to identify the areas for improvement in order to increase engagement, retention and activation.

Other projects

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