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By harnessing digital advances, we respond to the challenges of Mobility and Smart City, serving connected, sustainable cities.

Anne Malagié

Anne Malagié

Product Manager

Our clients

« BeTomorrow assimilated very quickly the issues of the mobility world to propose relevant, pragmatic and actionable recommendations. Always a source of new ideas, BeTomorrow provides us with a mastery of digital issues that enables us to deliver a service that stands out from our competitors. »

Emmanuel Bonnaud
Emmanuel Bonnaud
Movivolt - green mobility

Our projects


BeTomorow advised Movivolt on its digital native approach to creating a fluid, personalized user experience, setting the brand apart from other players in the market. The result of this collaboration was a mobile application, a responsive e-commerce site, and the redesign and adaptation of Movivolt's branding across all its platforms, accompanied by an adapted marketing strategy.


After a complete audit and several exchanges with Movivolt's teams, here are the actions carried out by BeTomorrow :

• Construction and follow-up of Movivolt's annual digital roadmap.

• Design and implementation of a customized digital go-to-market strategy.

• Developed a brand identity and adapted it to the brand's Web and mobile universes.

• Implementation of a data-driven approach (definition of key performance indicators, drafting of tagging plans, advice on tool selection, dashboards, etc.).

• Design of a responsive merchant site to generate qualified traffic.

• Creation and deployment of Movivolt's mobile application to support customers from the beginning to the end of their contract.


• A digital fleet management solution for over 30 vehicles**.

• More reassurance and transparency in the event of problems for Movivolt customers

• Increased number of in-house application users

• Optimization of the contract signature rate.

• Creation of a close relationship with Movivolt customers

• Optimization of the top of the conversion tunnel and better position on prospects' purchase path.

• Use of collected data to optimize paid acquisition.

Do you have an idea ?

The BeTomorrow expertise

BeTomorrow supports the digital transformation of cities, public and private transport operators, service providers and infrastructure managers. Thanks to the know-how of our experts, we support mobility players in adapting their strategy and bringing their digital projects to fruition, in order to achieve the best level of strategic and operational performance for an adapted and responsible customer experience.

  • Development of MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service), Data, AI and IoT solutions.

  • Development of CIAM platforms and global IAM Cloud Service.

  • Implementation of Single Customer Repository, CRM, DMP and CDP.

  • Product design.

  • Brand identity.

  • UX User-centered journey.

Our offers

Data management and analysis platforms

We support you in developing robust, intelligent platforms for aggregating, storing and analyzing data from different sources. The implementation of measurement and data visualization tools enables you to master the challenges of multimodal mobility, analyze the performance of your transportation network, and offer increasingly rich and personalized traveler experiences.

MaaS Solutions and Global Experiences

The development of Maas solutions is a response to the diversity of mobility offers and the complexity of choices available to transport users. We help you define and design your MaaS platform (Passengers and Agents), putting people at the heart of our approach. Thanks to our agile, iterative approach, we can deploy MaaS solutions in a progressive process, enabling ecosystems to evolve over time.

Transforming your organization

We support you in carrying out your strategic transformation projects by working with you to rethink the structure, operating methods and practices of your organization. We offer an agile, innovative and tailor-made approach, and work with General Management, Business Management and Digital Management (IS and innovation) to achieve your objectives and turn your digital, organizational or managerial transformation initiatives into reality.

Other projects

Movivolt visualMovivolt
Illustration of TBM in the city of BordeauxKeolis - Transport Bordeaux Metropole
Transamo visual - City of CasablancaTransamo - Casablanca city
Dorie app IllustrationDorie, the Regional Council
BeTomorrow projet for Suez about how to prevent clear waters from being parasitized.Suez - Parasitized Clear Waters
Thanks to the Toilet Finder application that we publish internally, we allow hundreds of thousands of people to gain autonomy (chronic gastrointestinal diseases, professionals using their vehicle continuously, etc.).
This application allows us to aggregate the reference geographical database of public toilets in the world.
This database is used for Apple's Maps app on over 500 million iOS, iPhone and iPad devices.
The application is used as a marketing tool by large pharmaceutical companies which have exclusivity in certain markets such as Takeda.ToiletFinder