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Combining boxing and technology, supporting training with lessons and uploading all the data in real time to a mobile application. An application that communicates with a connected object: the I-PerSkin.

BeTomorrow supported this innovative start-up from inception through to market launch. Our Start offer enabled the start-up to refine its market, its offer and build the essential structure of its product.

Our teams continued the mission with cross-platform mobile product development.

In just a few months, the I-Percut teams were able to refine their vision and obtain an MVP product.

This ambitious project won the Best Sports Innovation Award at CES 2023.


award for the best sport innovation

Las Vegas CES 2023


prize (Jury's special award)

Inosport 2022, Competition in Sports, Leisure & Health innovation competition


years of collaboration

with the BeTomorrow teams

Tight mobile screen - I-percut app



I-Percut is an innovation that takes up the challenge of transforming boxing training through the use of connected object technology. The main challenge lay in the ability to introduce modern, effective training methods without disrupting the essence and well-established practices of sportsmen and women and trainers.

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From a technical point of view, the project required a major research and development phase to overcome the obstacle of communicating with the punching bag via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), while clearly managing and displaying the large amount of data generated, and making it intelligible. This challenge was met in parallel with the development of an application and the design of specific electronic components, demonstrating exemplary synchronisation and collaboration between the software and hardware development teams.

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Product Owner

An experience that is both exciting and complex. Integrating connected objects technology into boxing training, while respecting the values and requirements of the sport, required a creative and respectful approach. The success of this project demonstrates our ability to innovate while preserving the authenticity of established disciplines.

Our Client

I-Percut is a French company based in the Toulouse region. Made up of boxing and MMA enthusiasts with a passion for new technologies, the team is firmly committed to optimising the training and performance of sportspeople.

Their mission is to enable amateur and professional sportsmen and women to progress and exchange ideas on a daily basis.

Olivier Huc - portrait


I-Percut Co-founder, CEO and CTO

Turning a complex idea into reality within a few months is what the BeTomorrow team helped us achieve! They are fast, technically robust, and make relevant choices in user experience and design. We found an expert partner for the development of our connected product. We have been working with their highly professional multidisciplinary team.

6 mobile phones showing different screens of the I-percut application


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