Marc Allaire
Marc Allaire
Head of Consulting
Oct 9, 2023·1 min

How to build the best digital innovation team?

How to build the best digital innovation team?

Find the full article (in French) from the magazine Le Point on their website:

Summary: This Le Point article discusses the specifics of digital innovation projects and the team profile required to successfully carry out such projects.

BeTomorrow was able to share its experience on the subject, and our client Keolis provided their testimony.

The following points are discussed:

  • How to strike the right balance between Discovery and Delivery

  • The difference between digital innovation and digital transformation

  • What skills to look for in innovative projects?

  • How to evaluate a digital innovation team?

Additionally, we share our white paper dedicated to this strategic topic of building and evaluating a digital innovation team, which you can find here:

An article summarizing the essentials gained through more than 400 projects supported by our Tech & Innovation agency over the last 20 years.

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