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The secret of a successful app

Successful apps by BeTomorrow

How to check the essential boxes to make your mobile app successful?

  1. Optimize the first minutes and follow the performance of this tunnel

  2. Implement an active user loyalty strategy around content, habit formation and engagement

  3. Create a learning system around your app by continuously testing new versions of key journeys

The first minutes are essential

For a subscription-based mobile app, the first minutes of use are essential. For many, they are the only minutes of interaction with your service and you must make them understand your added value and then convince them to trigger a subscription.

Three notable elements to optimize in this approach:

  • Homepage: The app fits into the daily lives of users who discover it in response to a concern, anxiety or search for a solution. From the first screen, you must reassure them that they are in the right place and make them want to enter our process.

  • Use a playful interaction as the first moment of value: by encouraging users to provide personal information, they create a personal and particular relationship with the app. They will be more attached to it after personalizing it. A quiz evaluation, for example, is an excellent element to trigger with as little friction as possible.

  • Optimize the subscription screen with best practices: After the summary of your playful interaction comes the crucial moment of the first experience, the subscription screen. Good practices have emerged in recent years from the analysis of optimizations of the best in the market. BeTomorrow accompanies you to use the ones that are most adapted to your context.

Retain subscribers, reduce churn.

Once the user is converted into a subscriber, it is important to keep them on the platform for as long as possible. There are many levers that can be pulled, but the following three are particularly important:

Quality, regularly renewed content:

This is the foundation, your subscribers come back because your content is of high quality and allows them to see results in their lives. Content creation should be managed as a separate project with regular production.

Creating lasting habits:

To enhance the content, we will work together to implement the habit-forming tools used by the best global applications (hook model, gamification, personalization)

Implementing personalized engagement paths:

When designing a consumer-facing application, it is important to look beyond the nominal journey of a satisfied user. Tools must be put in place to re-engage users who come back less often or to convert occasional users into regular users. We will set up a customer engagement tool (e.g. Airship, OneSignal, Batch) to give you control over these "engagement paths," essential for reducing churn.

The impact of these practices is multiplied in a fast-iteration framework.

Consumer digital services improve through contact with their users. To get the most value out of this, a fast-iteration framework must be put in place:

Fine management of incoming ideas and the roadmap:

There are always more ideas than time to develop them. By having a fine and structured management of these incoming ideas and a clear vision of the product strategy, we can efficiently prioritize the product's evolution.

Iterative construction for production releases every two weeks:

To ensure that we are headed in the right direction, our development and management teams are trained to design and develop iteratively, which means that every two weeks, you will have a complete functional version of your product ready to go into production.

Measurement strategy for feature impact:

Once in the hands of your users, it is important to understand how they use your product and the impact of the introduced features on the project's performance indicators. We will assist you in setting up a measurement plan and continuous analysis of results.

If you would like to discuss your engagement or conversion rate issues, you can schedule an initial exchange using the following link:https://marcallaire-betomorrow.youcanbook.me

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