Belin Education

The editions Belin Education call upon BeTomorrow to produce their digital project aimed at teaching. Three products have been produced, in addition to paper resources and teachers' work.

Key indicators

3 products designed, developed and managed at the same time.

Max digital manual accessible to more than 2.2 million high school students and teachers of all disciplines.


Humensis is a group of publishers, the best known of whom are Que sais-je ? and Belin Education. BeTomorrow was selected to finalize the design and development of 3 digital educational products. Indeed, Humensis wishes to adding digital products to the global solution. Real teaching aids for teachers and students, 3 approaches have been targeted: an online platform of educational resources, digital activities that can be done in class or independently by students.


In the resumption of this project, BeTomorrow accompanied Humensis in the design and development of the first digital products published. This project involved a rigorous content production and a solid infrastructure to manage a large volume of potential users. An online platform has been finalized to allow teachers to access teaching resources in a simple way. The interactive digital tool created, it allows the children, to learn reading in a fun way. Available in web format and touch tablet, it required a strong challenge from a UX point of view. Finally, the Web Handbook was developed to accompany the release of the paper format as part of the school reform of high schools.


Digital diversification : cross-platform interactive educational products.
In 4 months, design, development and launch of complete products for teaching
• Infrastructure that can accommodate more than 200,000 simultaneous users
• Advice for the realization of their first agile projects