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In this project published by BeTomorrow, the team built the web and mobile application on all aspects of the product. At the crossroads of a Netflix for internal training and a Slack for meetings, Skillagora brought together product, business, UX, UI and developer experts to take up the challenge of radically transforming the knowledge management experience to make it dynamic, shared and collaborative.

The product was developed as closely as possible to the needs of companies. Stakeholders from APEC, Veolia Environnement, Saft, Safran and Accord Invest shared their needs and current frictions with existing tools, to help us build Skillagora.


application usage

in just one year, usage of the Skillagora application has tripled


Skillagora sessions

over 50% of Skillagora sessions contain a replay


content creators

Skillagora registered twice as many profiles of content creators and/or training session leaders

Skillagora illustration
Skillagora illustration



The achievements of our team of technical developers have led to the following results :

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  • An application developed synchronously on web and mobile.

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  • A platform for broadcasting training topics in real time, and for measuring community involvement and support.

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  • A unique feed to track the latest Agora trends.

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  • Tailor-made courses for each company : basic training, thematic courses, integration of newcomers.

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  • Traceability of usage and optimization of time spent.

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  • A dedicated back office for easy tracking of Agora actions and profiling of usage.

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Our Design team played a crucial role in developing a distinct brand identity for Skillagora. This included the creation of a logo, graphic charter and branding in line with the platform's singular essence. At the same time, she designed optimal ergonomics, promoting the fluid and efficient circulation of knowledge within the Skillagora environment.

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Product Design
Photo Anaïs P


Head of Marketing

Skillagora is the web and mobile tool that enables people to meet and share knowledge. A genuine solution for accelerating collective intelligence and agile peer-to-peer learning, Skillagora enables companies to lay the foundations for an organization focused on skills development.

Our Client

A cross between a Netflix for internal training and a Slack for meetings, Skillagora is the first solution specifically designed to stimulate the exchange of skills between peers. BeTomorrow, capitalizing on its experience in collective intelligence, launched this project to help its team progress by leveraging peer-to-peer learning. In the absence of a suitable tool on the market, our experts decided to co-create it with major groups and innovative Edtech companies.

Skillagora illustration


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