Compoz launches Le Compositeur, the 1st intelligent, natural, tailor-made and made in France home fragrance diffuser.

From its touch screen or via the Compoz application, it allows you to intuitively and in real time create exceptional olfactory playlists and program their distribution according to your mood and your desires: relaxing afternoon, evening with friends, childhood memories , improvement of the sleep cycle…

Key indicators

3 months to launch the first mobile app version.

4,6/5 on the AppStore.

Compoz app illustration


Created by an experienced multidisciplinary and international team of master perfumers, the French company Artiris has created and patented after 5 years of R&D a major innovation: The Composer by Compoz: a connected composer-diffuser of tailor-made perfumes.

Acclaimed by individuals and professionals and brands looking for the ultimate olfactory experience for their customers, this design and connected object works with a collection of perfume capsules that can be programmed either by the product interface or not dedicated mobile app.


Artiris has selected BeTomorrow to develop the mobile application to control Le Compositeur remotely. With its composer, Artiris wishes to offer an exceptional olfactory experience by offering the possibility of creating tailor-made perfumes from natural essential oils. The application had to be able to pair easily with the composer via bluetooth and wifi, which involved close collaboration between the BeTomorrow team and Alpes Deis, the service provider in charge of developing the composer.

During this mission, BeTomorrow accompanied Artiris to define the artistic direction of Compoz and thus design the mobile application. BeTomorrow was also responsible for the design of the composer's graphical interface. This part required great rigor to maintain the universe established for the mobile application on the composer while respecting the technical constraints imposed by the broadcaster developed by Alpes Deis.

Compoz Illustration


- In 9 months, design, development and launch of the application in parallel with the sale of Compoz (3 months to publish the first version).
- Second fundraiser in preparation.
- Equipment of connected hotels with integration into their home automation solution.
- Co-branding with luxury brands.
- 4.6/5 on the AppStore