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Discovering unFIX: moving towards more flexible organizations

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In a constantly changing world, adaptability and responsiveness are more crucial than ever. Equipped companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiency and meet their customers' needs by innovating in their organization and working practices.

It's in this context that unFIX is emerging, like a rising star. The unFIX model promises a revolutionary approach, offering a system designed to meet the unique challenges of large-scale organization.

This article explores in detail what unFIX is, how it differs from traditional frameworks, and the key reasons why it could be the solution to revitalizing your structure and mobilizing your people.

What is the unFIX model?

unFIX is the revolution in organizational models. unFIX is not just another framework in the already saturated landscape of organizational models. Not a framework in the traditional sense, unFIX is more like a library of adaptive patterns, designed to offer unrivalled flexibility and adaptability across diverse sectors, not just IT. Unlike rigid methodologies and frameworks, unFIX encourages a flexible organizational structure, enabling teams to adapt quickly to change and new opportunities.

This model deliberately moves away from rigid processes to embrace a philosophy where team autonomy, accountability and proximity to the customer experience are central. With teams (or "Crews") dedicated to specific objectives and value chains, unFIX encourages a fluid and dynamic structure, capable of adapting quickly to changes and market needs.

Example of an unFIX "burger" organization with different types of Crews in Turfs and in a Base.
Example of an organization represented as a "burger" unFIX with different Crew types in Turfs and in a Base

unFIX: the anti-framework for agility at scale?

The foundations of unFIX

Calling unFIX "the anti-framework of agility at scale" is not a play on words; it's an accurate description of its essence, mainly because it rejects the idea that agility can be locked into a fixed set of rules or procedures. unFIX doesn't impose a strict set of processes. Instead, unFIX proposes an approach based on reusable patterns that can be adapted to the specific needs of each organization or team, favoring an approach based on team autonomy and shared responsibility.

Far from the constraints of traditional frameworks and methods such as SAFe, LeSS or Holacracy, unFIX promotes a networked organizational structure, where "Crews" enjoy great freedom to determine their working methods, fostering an agile and responsive corporate culture, supported by "Forums" for cross-functional coordination and "Bases" acting as autonomous mini-companies. This decentralized approach is a breath of fresh air for organizations seeking to adapt quickly to change with agility.

unFIXer SAFe
unFIXer SAFe (source : unFIX)

8 Key Reasons to Adopt the unFIX Model

Adopting unFIX within your organization or team has the potential to radically transform how you work and collaborate. Here are eight key reasons why unFIX deserves your attention:

Reason 1: Exceptional Flexibility and Adaptability

unFIX revolutionizes how organizations respond to change by combining a flexible structure with the capacity for customization and continuous evolution. This model not only enables quick adaptation to each organization's unique challenges but also facilitates the creation of dynamic crews capable of agile reconfiguration. This dual capability ensures an effective response to market changes and customer expectations, embodying a true revolution in organizational management, leadership, and team collaboration.

Reason 2: Autonomy and Accountability

Crew members play a crucial role in decision-making, enhancing their sense of belonging and commitment to team goals. This autonomy is essential for fostering innovation and ensuring a rapid, customer-aligned response. Bases, on the other hand, unite teams around common value streams, reinforcing a sense of shared purpose while facilitating organizational transformation and evolution.

Reason 3: Enhanced Cross-Collaboration

Forums within unFIX foster collaborative communication and decision-making across different teams and disciplines. This platform also provides a conducive space for continuous learning, allowing each member to enhance their skills and actively contribute to the team's success. The model promotes a culture where every member is invested in collective success, strengthening engagement and motivation.

Reason 4: Cross-Team Collaboration

Forums provide a space for collaboration and collective decision-making beyond team boundaries, enriching overall experience and results.

Reason 5: Streamlined Processes

By eliminating bureaucratic hurdles, unFIX ensures faster, more agile, and efficient project execution.

Reason 6: Focus on Customer Experience

The unFIX approach places customer experience at the forefront of all decisions and actions, fostering a customer-centric corporate culture.

Reason 7: Dynamic Leadership

By recognizing crucial roles such as Chief, Captain, and Chair, the unFIX model promotes shared and dynamic leadership within teams, designed to support and facilitate rather than command, strengthening teamwork and collective efficiency within the organization.

Reason 8: Future-Ready

unFIX is designed for hybrid work and dynamic team restructuring, addressing the challenges of the post-pandemic era. This model promotes the adoption of agile methods such as Scrum, creating an agile environment where innovation can thrive.

All unFIX pattern sets
All unFIX pattern sets

unFIX: A Commitment to a Culture of Innovation and Organizational Agility

Adopting unFIX within an organization represents more than just a change in methodology; it's a commitment to a culture of innovation, agility, flexibility, and accountability.

The unFIX model emerges as a pragmatic response to the limitations of traditional frameworks and methods by emphasizing crew autonomy, cross-collaboration, dynamic leadership, and a renewed focus on customer experience.

unFIX promises to revolutionize how organizations perceive agility and teamwork. It offers businesses the opportunity to craft their own model to navigate through a complex commercial landscape, enhancing customer satisfaction while paving the way for a more dynamic and responsive future of work.

Choosing unFIX means opting for a future where agility, efficiency, and collaboration lie at the heart of your organizational success. Take the first step towards a dynamic and resilient organization: unFIX your approach and unleash your team's full potential!

Conclusion: Sail towards a future of agility, resilience, and success with the unFIX model!

As we navigate uncharted waters marked by rapid changes and unforeseen challenges, the unFIX model stands as a beacon of hope for organizations and crews aspiring to greater agility, resilience, and success in the future.

The invitation is extended: why not unFIX your organization and discover a horizon of previously unexplored possibilities?

Adopting unFIX means choosing a future where agility, efficiency, and collaboration are central to your organizational success. Take the first step towards an agile, dynamic, and resilient organization: unFIX your approach and unleash your team's full potential!

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