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Belin Éducation turned to BeTomorrow to develop a range of digital solutions for the education sector. Three digital initiatives were launched, enriching the range of educational materials and supporting the pedagogical efforts of teachers.

BeTomorrow worked with Humensis on the creation and implementation of their first digital offerings. This work required particular attention to the quality of the content and the establishment of a robust infrastructure to support a high number of users.

An online platform has been set up, offering teachers easy access to enriched educational resources.

The interactive application targets first-grade and kindergarten pupils, offering an entertaining method for learning to read. Available on web browsers and tablets.

A web-based textbook has also been developed to complement the printed edition, in response to the reform of the lycées.


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Belin Education learning platforms on desktop, mobile and tablet

Our Client

Humensis is a group of publishers, the best known of which are Que sais-je? and Belin Education. Aware of the challenges of digital technology in the education sector, the group aimed to diversify through innovation by offering new digital learning products.

3 approaches have been developed for these products, which are genuine teaching aids for teachers and pupils: an online platform of teaching resources, and digital activities that can be carried out in class or independently by pupils.

Belin Education learning platforms on desktop, mobile and tablet



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