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Artiris, the originator of the custom perfume composer-diffuser "The Composer by Compose," enlisted BeTomorrow to design the remote control mobile application for its innovation. With its composer, Artiris aims to offer an exceptional olfactory experience by enabling the creation of custom perfumes from natural essential oils. The application needed to seamlessly pair with the composer via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, necessitating close collaboration between the BeTomorrow team and Alpes Deis, the provider responsible for developing the composer.

BeTomorrow assisted Artiris in defining the artistic direction of Compoz and subsequently designing the mobile application. BeTomorrow also took charge of the graphical user interface design for the composer. This aspect required meticulous attention to maintain the established visual identity for the mobile application on the composer while adhering to the technical constraints imposed by the diffuser developed by Alpes Deis.

Compoz app illustration
Graphical elements of the Compoz application


Agility - Compoz

Design, development and launch were completed in 9 months, with the first version deployed in 3 months. Rigorous monitoring was maintained for accurate investment management, with flexibility in team composition to adapt to project requirements.

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A collaborative co-design process was launched, including the creation of visions, moodboards and zonings, as well as interactive mock-ups. An iterative process was put in place to refine the user experience of the mobile application, in line with luxury standards.

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Product Design
Photo Charles-Edouard R


Head of Product

We translated the vision of Compoz's designers into a demanding artistic direction. One of the challenges was to represent the abstract essence of perfume, combining emotion and luxury. Our technical and creative expertise was decisive, enabling us to drive the start-up's scale via a robust, modular IoT solution.

Our Client

Created after 5 years of R&D by an international team of master perfumers, Artiris has patented "Le Compositeur par Compoz". This connected object offers the ultimate olfactory experience with a collection of perfume capsules. Winner of the Vivatech LVMH Prize and recognized in the French Tech community, Compoz Paris combines technological excellence with French craftsmanship.

Compoz app illustration


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