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SES : global pioneer in satellite services



SES S.A. is the world's leading satellite operator, providing reliable and secure satellite communications solutions for media, telecommunications, corporate and government customers worldwide.

With a fleet of more than 70 geostationary satellites and a global network of teleports and offices, SES reaches 99% of the world's population, consolidating its position at the heart of international communications.

BeTomorrow supported SES by redesigning its existing application to strengthen sales to corporate customers. The new application, designed to satisfy both customers and SES employees, will support sales discussions with prospects, particularly at professional events such as trade shows.


SES satellites

displayed in an interactive 3D globe


types of platform

are covered by the application


of the world's population

is reached by SES customers

SES mobile application
SES mobile application



Our teams developed the SES application in a single code base (cross-platform). The application is available on different platforms 

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  • Native versions for iOS and Android on mobiles and tablets

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  • Large-format PC touchscreen version to facilitate sales discussions at trade shows

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  • WebGL version compatible with all PC / Mac browsers, no plug-ins required.

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Photo Charles-Edouard R
Charles-Edouard Ray
Head of Product
We combined cutting-edge technical expertise with a design concept in line with space marketing requirements. On the technology side, this meant mastering 3D on mobile and web platforms. On the design side, we had to adapt to business and marketing needs, reflecting the technicality and precision of space engineering.

Our Client

SES, the world's leading provider of connectivity solutions, deploys more than 70 satellites in two separate orbits to broadcast TV and radio channels to millions of homes worldwide. In addition to these services, SES provides satellite communication solutions to enterprises, telecom operators and government agencies. Thanks to an intelligent network combining satellite and terrestrial infrastructures, SES manages and delivers high-speed video.

SES mobile applications


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