Skillagora, your private co-training space.

Learning today, Leading tomorrow.

Skillagora reinvents the dynamics of collaboration and training. Convinced that a company's performance depends on the skills of its team, BeTomorrow has designed an application allowing everyone to progress while creating new links within the group.

Key indicators

Uses of the application tripled in one year

Multiplication by two of the creators of sharing topics and/or facilitators of training sessions. Balanced ratio between learners and content creators and facilitators/trainers

Capitalization: more than 50% of sessions contain a replay


Skillagora is a product made in BeTomorrow.

To live up to its ambitions, BeTomorrow relies on the skills of its team of experts. For this, means are clearly made available to always progress together and stay one step ahead. In this culture of Happy to Grow, internal exchanges of knowledge and feedback are central. Skillagora is the web and mobile tool that puts this culture into action and creates encounters around the sharing of knowledge. A real co-training base, it allows any company to lay the foundations of a learning organization, to learn from the right people, at the right time.

BeTomorrow is Top 3 France of the Happy At Work Awards.


This project is entirely edited by BeTomorrow. Our team built the web and mobile application on all aspects of the product. At the crossroads of a Netflix of internal training and a Slack of meetings, Skillagora brought together product, business, UX, UI and developer experts to take up the challenge of radically transforming the knowledge management experience to make it dynamic, shared and collaborative.

The product was developed as closely as possible to business needs. Speakers from APEC, Veolia Environnement, Saft, Safran and Accord Invest shared with us their needs, their current frictions with existing tools, to help us build Skillagora.


• A web and mobile synchronized application

• A platform to push training topics in real time and measure engagement, community support.

• Ergonomics facilitating the dynamics of knowledge sharing

• A unique feed to follow the trending themes of the Agora

• Tailor-made courses for each company: basics, thematic courses, newcomers

• Monitoring of uses and return on time invested

• A dedicated back office to follow the actions of the Agora and profile the uses

Statistics Happy At Work

"I feel like I'm learning and developing my skills"
91.20% satisfaction expressed against 70.20% for other companies with the Happy At Work label (i.e. +21 points).
75.3% for labeled companies in the IT/Digital sector (i.e. +19.9 points).

Label Happy at Work 2022, des entreprises dans lesquelles il fait bon travailler
Results of the Happy at Work Index



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